Apple: More than one billion iPhones actively used worldwide.


According to market research, more than one billion iPhones are actively used worldwide at the end of October. This means that Apple is once again one of the winners of the Corona crisis. The group expects an increase in sales figures for the 2021 financial year.

Around 13 years after the sales launch of the first Apple smartphone, more than one billion iPhones will be actively used worldwide for the first time at the end of October. This is the result of an analysis by the renowned market researcher Neil Cybart of Above Avalon, which was published on Tuesday. The analysis does not include old devices that are no longer in use. According to estimates by various market research companies and the CIA World Factbook, around eight billion smartphones are actively used worldwide.

iPhone sales increased continuously until 2015, only to fall three quarters in a row in 2016. After a stable phase over two years, sales then slumped by around twelve percent at the beginning of 2019. The iPhone business recovered in the second half of 2019 and early 2020 before the corona pandemic hit. However, according to Cybart’s calculations, Apple is one of the Corona winners: iPhone sales are again over 200 million units per year. Apple itself has not reported any sales figures for the iPhone since the fourth calendar quarter of 2018.

According to Cybart’s analysis, Apple is increasingly selling to consumers who already own an iPhone. It is true that the company manages to attract 20 to 30 million new iPhone users every year. However, the share of total iPhone sales to new users has steadily declined over the years. This year, it is estimated that iPhone sales to new users will account for less than 20 percent of total iPhone sales – a record low. In 2016, the figure was still 60 percent.

Because of the high total number of users and the comparatively loyal clientele, Cybart estimates that next year Apple will for the first time surpass the sales record from 2015 of 231 million iPhone devices. He expects sales figures for the 2021 financial year to rise to 240 million devices, 4 percent above the previous sales record.



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