Apex Legends’ Update 1.50 adds season 7, Horizon & Olympus – Patch Notes


With the release of Update 1.50 for PS4, Apex Legends Season 7 has officially begun. The extensive patch brings Horizon into the game alongside the Olympus map and its exclusive Trident vehicle. There have also been some interesting adjustments to Pathfinder, Loba and ring damage. Read all about it in the patch notes below, courtesy of a post on Unterreddit Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Update 1.50 Patch Notes

Passive: Spacewalk: Increase air control and reduce the effects of falls with Horizon’s tailored space suit.

Tactical: Gravity Lift: Reverse the flow of gravity by lifting players up and sending them outside when they leave the spacesuit.

Ultimate: Black Hole: Use NEWT to create a micro black hole that sucks in the nearby legends.


The legends have entered a new arena: the celestial city of Olympus.

A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe was once a place where the brightest minds in Outland could gather and exchange ideas. However, an accident at an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Trench (a massive bubble of phase energy), and the city was abandoned.

Now players can use the luxurious amenities of Mount Olympus to their advantage. Rotating agricultural towers, beautiful gardens and stylish restaurants serve as new stages for intense skirmishes. New vehicles called tridents give your troops the ability to go into battle and surprise your enemies. With the Phase Runner – a tunnel of phase energy that runs through the center of Olympus – you can traverse the map in seconds. And the rift stands high above it all, mysterious and beckoning . . .

Three-person vehicle exclusively for Olympus.
The pilot gets the view from the first person. Passengers can shoot with a third-person view.
Damage to the vehicle is divided among the drivers.
Fully interactable with Legend capabilities.
Explore the map without fear of death.
Weapons, circles and rotations are still active.
As soon as the last circle closes, a new round starts with three rounds per lobby.
30 players who are active for one week.

With this season we introduce clubs. Join a club with like-minded legends and make it easier to find your master squad. If you don’t see a particular club you like, create one and let your friends know they can join! Read more about clubs here.


Start Steam and start downloading and playing Apex Legends! If you are from Origin, all your progress and unlocks will be transferred. And for a limited time, you can log in to Steam and receive these Half-Life and Portal inspired weapon charms.


The Season 7 Battle Pass is all about this high fashion. Upgrade your pass to unlock skins like the Wraith “High Class” and Octane’s “Fast Fashion”.

Challenges add up to one to five stars.
10 stars correspond to one level.
Challenges are easier to see in the lobby.

Improvements in the exchange of attachments

If you replace an attachment with an attachment from the ground and the old attachment is an improvement for your other weapon, the old attachment is automatically transferred.

Replicator updates

For season 7 we removed weapons from the pool and replaced them with shield batteries. The high-level attachments will continue to be tailored to one weapon category.
We will now prevent other players from being able to pick up items you have made in the first five seconds after making them. This can be disabled by pinging the item.

Clarity in airdropping

The colors of the bars have been changed to differentiate between normal parachute drops, lifeline drops and replicator air drops. Normal drops are slightly browned, the Lifeline drops are blue and the Replicator drops and blue-green.
All FX-landing areas of the drops during the dropping process correspond to their colors.
The rays of the parachute drops remain visible even when they are close to the parachute drop and do not fade when you approach them. The beam still disappears when the capsule is opened.


The Arc Star now shows an Arc Star model when thrown close to it instead of a grenade.
A new VO line was


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