Apex Legends’ Season 7 gameplay trailer shows the horizon abilities and the trident.


Apex Legends Season 7 has a brand new gameplay trailer that focuses on the new features that will debut with the Ascension Battle Pass. In addition to the clip, the game’s developers at Respawn recently spoke with members of the press to discuss the key features that fans of Ascension Battle Royale can expect when the update is released on November 4.

Among these revelations is a new legend, astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers, also known as Horizon. Just like all the other members on the list, Horizon has a collection of unique abilities. These include a Gravity Lift that pulls her trio into the air, a Buff to prevent fall damage, and a Black Hole Ultimate that catches enemies and knocks them to the ground. The latter ability was inspired by the Gravity Sar from Titanfall, although it was specifically designed to fight the Royale.

When players aren’t firing weapons, they can explore Olympus, an all-new map larger than Kings Canyon but slightly smaller than World’s Edge. It’s an area based on the idea of improving rotations, which means players have several tools to get from one end of the map to the other quickly. The Trident, for example, is a three-person vehicle that trios can share. While it is not possible to eliminate enemies by hitting them with the vehicle, you can equip it with other legend abilities, such as the Tower of Rampart, the Dome of Gibraltar and even the Gas Traps of Caustic. If the trident is not fast enough, phasers can teleport players with the added risk of taking ring damage. All this, of course, in addition to the many new PoIs on Mount Olympus, such as the Rift and Bonsai Garden.

Considering that the new content might be hard to study in the heat of battle, Respawn also offers an Olympus Preview LTM for the first two weeks of Season 7. This is the first combat-free playground in the game where teams can formulate strategies without distraction.

For those who are ready to get into the fray, the clubs offer up to 30 players the opportunity to form a clan. These clans have their own lobbies, rules, roles and permissions. Search tags can help others find clubs that are open to accept new members. For example, more relaxed players can use the “casual” tag, while serious competitors can mark their club as “microphones only”. Once you have defined your parameters, it is possible to create a colored seal and tag to make sure you leave your mark.

These forward-looking features are underscored by the Ascension Battle Pass, which has been completely redesigned to support a star system where 10 stars correspond to a single Battle Pass level through Cutting Edge R99 reactive to level 100. There is also a host of new skins, including high-class Wraith. Simply put, there’s a lot to love about Apex Legends Season 7, even though it was launched during the busiest gaming season.

Apex Legends Season 7 starts on November 4th.

What do you think of Apex Legends Season 7, based on this gameplay trailer and the new details? Are you excited to take the Trident for a spin? Tell us in the comments section!


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