Amazon – Gaming Offers: The best bargains for Prime Day 2019!


Amazon Prime Day 2019 offers a variety of incredible gaming opportunities. We have picked out the best bargains for you and introduce you to the green savings.

Bargain hunters, get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019! For gamers, too, there’s a whole host of truly incredible discounts to discover that no one should miss.

Whether PC or console, the gaming bargains are particularly strong this year. For example you can get a PS4 for 139 Euro or a membership at PS Plus with 30 percent discount. Apart from that, Prime Day offers savings on monitors, supplies, controllers and many games.

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Let’s start with the PS4 discounts: You can get single consoles already from 139 Euro, even the PS4 Pro only costs 249 Euro. Here are our recommendations:

PS Plus 15 months, 30 percent cheaper*.
PS4 Slim for only 139.99 Euros*
PS4 Pro fr only 249,99 Euro*
PS VR-Bundle for only 139,99 Euro*
PS4 Hits Bundle for only 299.99 Euro*

You want to buy directly the matching games? You can secure up to 50 percent discount on the video game sale*, which is valid for all known platforms. Among other things, you can get the following bargains here:

Days Gone Steelbook Edition for PS4, only 29.99 Euro*
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for PS4, only 27,99 Euro*
Crash Bandicoot for PS4, only 26,97 Euro*
Kingdom Hearts 3 fr PS4, only 29,97 Euro*
Anno 1800 fr PC, only 47.49 Euro*
Bus Simulator 18 fr PC, only 21,97 Euro*
The Witcher 3 GOTY-Edition for Xbox One, only 16.97 Euro*
Rocket League for Switch, only 33,99 Euro*
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for Switch, only 27,49 Euro*

And what else? There is also a lot to discover outside the presented offers. Here are our personal highlights from Amazon Prime Day 2019:

Reduced by up to 44%: Gaming Laptops and Desktops*
Reduced by up to 42%: Monitors*
Reduced by up to 40%: Xbox One Bundles*
Greatly reduced: Oculus GO 32GB and 64GB*
Reduced by up to 50%: PC accessories and components*
Reduced by up to 30%: SSDs and hard drives*

* Note: This post is not paid advertising. All links to Amazon are affiliate links. We receive a small commission for every purchase made – without you paying one cent more.


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