Amazon: Contactless payment by palm of the hand.


The online company Amazon is testing a new technology for contactless payment. The technology, called “Amazon One”, should make it possible to pay with the palm of your hand.

The online giant Amazon is launching a new technology for paying with the palm of the hand. The biometric recognition system called “Amazon One” will initially be introduced in the company’s grocery stores in its home city of Seattle, the US company announced on Tuesday. Customers hold their hand over a scanner that reads and identifies the palm of the hand similar to a fingerprint.

“No two palms are alike,” said Amazon Vice President Dili Kumar. The technology allows “fast, convenient and contactless” identification and can be used to pay for purchases, but also as access control for stadiums or offices.

“Amazon One” will be available at the entrance of two of the company’s cashless Amazon Go Convenience stores in Seattle starting Tuesday and will be used in the chain’s other 20+ stores in the future, Kumar told Recode in an interview on Monday. Recode had already reported in December 2019 that Amazon had filed a patent application for such technology.

Amazon therefore not only wants to use the new payment system itself, but also sell it to other companies. According to this, there are already several interested parties. In retail, “Amazon One” could be an alternative to paying or showing a loyalty card at the checkout, explained Amazon top manager Kumar. The customer data would not be stored on site, but in a highly secure data cloud.

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