Alison Hammond of This Morning hires Lady Gaga as she promises a career update.


Alison Hammond of This Morning hires Lady Gaga as she promises a career update.

Fans of This Morning were ecstatic when Alison Hammond interviewed Lady Gaga on today’s show.

The musical sensation made an appearance on ITV’s flagship daytime show on Thursday, ahead of the release of House of Gucci.

Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani in the critically praised film, and she recently revealed the extent to which she went to prepare for the role.

After an incident at Adele’s event, Phillip Schofield takes a jab at Boy George.

The 35-year-old went on to say: “I bring it home with me, but that’s just how I do things.

“You live in a parallel universe, so while I was at the hotel, I was in character, and when I went to set, I was still in character, so my life became the movie. My remembrance of the making of this film is as real as it gets.” For the interview, Alison dressed up as Lady Gaga and asked whether she could keep in touch with the megastar now that they are friends.

“Now that we’re friends and everything, can I not contact you when you’re working on your next film?” she inquired.

“No, of course,” Gaga responded. “I dialed every number in my phone book.” Alison then requested a favor from her new friend, asking if she would play Alison in a film adaption of her life.

The pop star replied, ” “If you wanted me to, that is. All of my research would be done by myself. “I would,” she says. To wrap out the piece, Alison took Lady Gaga on a whistle-stop tour of London, which had Twitter users in fits of laughter.

Mariam stated, ” “Please, yes! @ladygaga will take on the role of @AlisonHammond. These two, in particular.” “That dialogue between Alison and Gaga was amazing,” Rebecca added, “I just wish it was longer!” AJ continued: “Epic and fantastic. Lady Gaga and Alison ” Terry had this to say: “Lady GaGa is one of my favorite singers. She’s a true legend and a true artist.”


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