After a veteran decides to’make her day,’ a woman at the checkout counter sobs.


After a veteran decides to’make her day,’ a woman at the checkout counter sobs.

During his morning stroll to the shop, a decorated veteran made a woman cry by handing her a bouquet of flowers.

On Monday, October 24, about 7 a.m., Mark Jarman, 51, was in his normal shop, Hoole Food Market in Chester, when he decided to brighten the day of the woman behind the counter.

According to The Washington Newsday, he said: “Things are rough right now, and they’re just going to get tougher with Covid, which is what’s really bothering me right now.

Mum was ’embarrassed’ on the street until a stranger dropped down to assist her “There’s a lot of anti-this and anti-that going on. Why? There isn’t any reason for it. Acts of kindness, on the other hand, go a long way.” Mark has seven medals to show for his 24 years in the British Army, which he spent serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Northern Ireland.

He has worked in IT since leaving the military in 2012, and now volunteers to teach people IT skills.

Mark, who has been struggling to socialize more, struck up a conversation with a woman at the checkout on Monday morning, something he rarely does.

When he offered her flowers, he stated she was taken aback.

Mark shared the good news in a Merseyside Facebook group, writing: “The last of the ‘old’ romantics is still alive and well – I went to the local supermarket for my monthly milk and purchased a bouquet of flowers for the lady at the checkout.

“No one had ever given her a bouquet of flowers??? I’m sure it brought a tear to her eye, but I’m sure it made her day. It’s the little things that count x Be kind xx” The post was inundated with positive feedback thanking Mark for his deed.

As one individual put it: “She will cherish your thoughtfulness for a long time. What a considerate individual you are.” Another person stated: “Oh my goodness! That’s fantastic! You can be married for 20 years and never receive a bouquet of flowers. That’s wonderful.” Mark was taken aback by the response since “he didn’t anticipate anything to come back” from his “little gesture.”

According to The Washington Newsday, he said: “To be honest, I’m still trying to process it. That was something I hadn’t anticipated.” The veteran continued: “The summary has come to an end.”


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