After a McDonald’s worker pours drink on him, a homeless man sobs at the woman’s gift.


After a McDonald’s worker pours drink on him, a homeless man sobs at the woman’s gift.

A woman moved a homeless man by giving him a present after learning that a McDonald’s employee had dumped Coca-Cola on him.

Locals were outraged after a McDonald’s employee left the man in tears, describing him as a “gentle” and “beautiful guy.”

One Wallasey woman decided to start a fundraising for the homeless guy known as ‘Les’ who frequently sits outside McDonald’s in Birkenhead’s The Rock Retail Park by Green Lane.

Outside, the lads assist a man in fulfilling his mother’s final desire. McDonald’s On Monday, October 11th, Beth met Les for lunch and gave him the first piece of money “just to tide him over.”

“He was absolutely blown away,” she told The Washington Newsday. He is extremely thankful. Even a small sum of £40 meant a lot to him.

“I showed him all the compliments on how gorgeous he is that people had made.” He’d gotten a little emotional.

“He hugged me, shook my partner’s hand, and even shook the hand of my daughter.”

“His voice started getting croaky,” she continued. He really remarked, “I’m going to have to stop, I’m going to start sobbing,” as his eyes began to tear up.

“You could see how much it meant to him and how devastated he was by this McDonald’s employee’s conduct.”

Beth felt “terrible” for the man she saw outside McDonald’s on a regular basis, so she took action.

“He just sits there and goes about his business,” she told The Washington Newsday. We’ve always stopped and inquired if he wanted anything whenever we see him.

“Nine out of 10 times, he hasn’t really accepted anything, or if he has, it’s just been like, ‘Oh, can you just grab me a hot drink, I’m chilly.’

“And I just felt terrible for him right away.”

Since the attack, Beth isn’t the only one who has gone to Les’ help.

Tracey Martindale, 53, from Birkenhead, was left “fuming” when she arrived at McDonald’s on September 21 to discover a wet Les “in tears.”

Mandy Edwards provided a coat, pants, jumper, and top to the man, while Tracey went out to get fresh things from Koala Charity Shop Claughton.

Despite the fact that Coca-Cola had been poured. “The summary has come to an end.”


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