According to the new highway regulations, drivers will receive hefty fines and penalty points for non-compliance.


This comes after a survey showed that the red X-signs, which close a lane to traffic, are largely ignored by drivers.

Drivers will be fined heavily and receive penalty points if they drive in closed lanes on intelligent freeways.

Drivers can also expect harsher penalties or be taken to court in more serious cases.

Currently, drivers driving in closed lanes are only fined if they are caught by an official at the time of the offence.

Drivers can also face harsher penalties or be taken to court in more serious cases.

Last year new rules were introduced that make driving in a lane closed by a red X sign illegal and impose a fixed fine of up to 100 pounds and three points.

The RAC found that a total of 83 percent of drivers said they had seen other drivers disregard the signs. Almost half said they saw this frequently and another 36 percent said they saw it “occasionally.

However, under new Home Office legislation, police will now have the power to punish drivers who are caught by traffic cameras ignoring red X signs, Birmingham Live reports.

Statistics from Highways England show that about one in ten drivers do not notice when red X-signs are used to block lanes, with many of them waiting until they reach an incident before changing lanes.

Red Xs can be displayed on overhead lane closure signs to alert drivers to a range of hazards, including an accident or breakdown, debris on the road or because of a person or animal on the road.

The RAC’s survey of more than 2,000 drivers found that 23 percent of drivers admit to having personally violated this new traffic rule.

Most of them say they did it by accident, but a small number admit to doing it on purpose.

Red X signs were introduced in 2016 on parts of the road network that have been made into “intelligent highways”.

The signs can also be used to allow drivers to use the hard shoulder during rush hours.


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