A week after her baby son is delivered, the mother receives a “huge shock.”


A week after her baby son is delivered, the mother receives a “huge shock.”

A mother whose kid was born with half a heart described the days following his birth as the “scariest days of her life.”

On October 15, Becky Holden of Newton-le-Willows gave birth to her son Bobby Patrick McGann, whom she described as “everything she had ever dreamed of.”

Bobby Patrick spent the first 100 days of his life at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, often known as half-heart syndrome, a dangerous heart ailment. The illness is extremely rare, affecting only around one in every 5,000 infants.

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Becky, 25, was given the “huge shock” of learning that her baby had just half a heart a week after he was born.

“Bobby’s journey was a rollercoaster, but we got there in the end,” Becky Holden told The Washington Newsday. “It really played on our minds mentally since it was all just a whole new world we were going into, and some days were the scariest days of our life so far.”

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is usually detected on a 20-week exam, and Becky previously told The Washington Newsday that it’s unusual for his case to go unnoticed.

“[His disease] is incurable, and he has already undergone two open heart surgery at Alder Hey, with a third planned in the near future,” Becky added.

“At this time, there are no alternative options for his condition beyond the final surgery.

“You never know what the future holds; he may or may not need a heart transplant as he gets older.”

Bobby appeared healthy when he was born, despite the fact that he only had half a heart. His parents believe they didn’t find out about his condition until a week later.

Becky previously told The Washington Newsday, “When I found out about his illness, I was in absolute disbelief and felt numb; I didn’t feel as if what I had been told was genuine because we had no information.”

“When he was delivered, he didn’t appear to be sick,” she continued. He.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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