A ‘vomiting bug’ is sweeping over Merseyside.


A ‘vomiting bug’ is sweeping over Merseyside.

A severe vomiting disease is affecting a growing number of individuals in Merseyside.

People are venting their frustrations over bugs on social media, with several reporting illness only today.

One Southport woman resorted to Facebook to see whether anybody else was suffering similar symptoms.

“Morning all, heard a number of individuals on our estate, including myself and neighbors, have this stomach bug,” she wrote.

Many people responded quickly, with many claiming to have been sick – or knowing someone who had.

“Gastroenteritis has been going around,” one woman said.

“We all got it the other month,” another remarked, “and the doctor says it’s going around.”

“This was destined to happen when we all started wearing masks and stuff,” one man stated.

“Everyone in our house has had the lurgy,” wrote another.

Anyone who has diarrhoea and/or vomiting should normally stay at home, according to NHS guidelines.

Those who are suffering one or both of these symptoms should:

Stay at home and get a good night’s sleep. hydrate yourself with plenty of water or squash — If you feel nauseous, take little sips and continue to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby — If they’re unwell, give them short feeds more frequently than normal, whether they’re on formula or solid foods. between feeding, take modest sips of water You don’t have to consume or avoid any certain foods if you don’t feel like it. If you’re in pain, take paracetamol – read the label before giving it to your child.

And you shouldn’t:

drink fruit juice or carbonated beverages – they might aggravate diarrhoea and make infant formula weaker – utilize it at its normal potency Children under the age of 12 should be given medicine to prevent diarrhoea. Children under the age of 16 should not be given aspirin.

Call 111 if you are concerned about your symptoms.

If you or your kid are experiencing any of the following symptoms, dial 999 or go to A&E.

If you vomit blood or vomit that looks like ground coffee, or if you vomit green or yellow-green, you may have ingested something dangerous. If you have a stiff neck and pain when staring at bright lights, you may have swallowed something poisonous. get a strong headache or stomach ache all of a sudden

Public Health England was contacted for comment, but did not answer by the time this article was published.


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