A shop apprentice was caught in front of the dashboard while driving the customer’s car to Greggs.


Shocking dashcam footage shows two workshop employees taking a customer’s car to Greggs.

The car owner was asked to watch the apprentice mechanic drive his car through Gateshead to get something to eat.

Chronicle Live reported that Carl had left his car at the Causeway Garage in Sheriff Hill, Gateshead, to have his timing belt changed.

The workers took the Punto to the Greggs to get their lunch.

The video was discovered by car owner Carl Ivers, who witnessed an apprentice and a mechanic’s rocket ride over bumps, drive without seat belts and park in a handicapped parking lot.

The garage boss said the apprentice had been fired and the mechanic was facing a final warning.

But instead of repairing his car, the workers took a test drive.

Then they noticed the dashboard camera, and one of them said: “He has a dashboard, he probably hears everything we say… he sees us getting our dinner.

On the footage you can hear the driver turning up the car. Then you can hear one of the guys saying: “Feel the power, feel the f*****g roar.”

“When I saw the Dashcam footage, I pulled the boys into the office and made a monkey out of them.

A spokesman for the workshop said: “The boys took a test drive in the car and decided to kill two birds with one stone and get their dinner.

“The apprentice was dismissed because of his attitude, and the mechanic has received a final written warning and is no longer allowed to take test drives.

“I offered to do other work for the customer and not to charge him for the work, I think he is looking for something for nothing.

“We have built up this business over many years and we are disappointed that this was not done by the management but by individual employees”.


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