A new PS5 model may be released in Japan soon, according to a recent leak.


A new PS5 model may be released in Japan soon, according to a recent leak.

Sony may be working on a model refresh of the PS5 Digital Edition, which will be lighter than the original version, according to a new PlayStation document that recently appeared online.

Renka Schedule, an industry insider, published the official product documentation for the PS5 Digital Edition’s new model refresh on Twitter on Tuesday. The gaming system weighs 3.6 kg, according to the product handbook on the official Playstation Japanese website. This is 300 grams lighter than the Sony counterpart from less than a year ago.

A redesigned thumbscrew for the system’s vertical stand is also included in the rumored upcoming PS5 Digital Edition edition. This new update eliminates the requirement for a screwdriver or a coin to program the machine. The new screw appears to be a little strengthened for extra longevity, according to the console’s manual.

Surprisingly, the manual for the console only mentions those two modifications. There’s still a big internal power supply, a big heatsink, and a lot of shielding in the system. The new PS5 Digital Edition hardware has been spotted on the websites of a number of Japanese shops, with an expected release date of the end of this month.

It wasn’t uncommon to see consoles acquire thinner variants years after they were first released. In truth, the PlayStation 4 Slim was released by Sony in 2016. It had extensive redesigns during the time, with significant modifications not only in weight but also in overall dimensions. However, that is not the subject of the new disclosure.

If the Japanese gaming behemoth does truly release this version, it will undoubtedly include some reasons for the alterations. For the time being, fans should keep their hopes low for this rumored hardware update. While the information comes from the official website and manual for the gaming system, it is not yet official.

Fans of the PlayStation 5 should not expect a true update any time soon. Hardware updates normally arrive four to five years after the console’s initial release. Furthermore, Sony has yet to meet all of the expectations for its next-generation gaming platform. It’s probable that the corporation would prefer to focus on resolving this issue before releasing its new improved version.


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