5 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Life


While our phones might be a wonderful source of entertainment, they are also quite useful tools for staying organized. With so much to remember, from meetings and job deadlines to grocery lists and domestic duties, it is critical to have the correct apps to assist alleviate some of the mental strain.

As the world returns to normal and the days get much busier, try downloading any combination of the following applications to assist you in staying organized.

1. Using LastPass

The days of clicking “forgot my password” when attempting to log into streaming apps or financial accounts are over. LastPass is a free password manager that securely stores all of your passwords. Additionally, the app includes a password and username generator, and LastPass can be installed as a browser extension on your computer, allowing you to autofill passwords across all websites.

Evernote 2.

This free note-taking app is ideal for individuals looking for a simple way to organize their to-do lists, scribble down ideas, and much more. You may doodle, text, take photos, and bookmark passages from your favorite internet articles using this software. Additionally, Evernote syncs across all devices, ensuring that you never forget another grocery item or work task.

3. Peppermint

Mint is the app for you if you are concerned about your financial health. Simply connect all of your financial accounts and instruct Mint what to do. You can keep track of your spending, set custom budgets, and receive bill reminders. Mint makes it a breeze to accomplish your financial goals.


Consider downloading TripIt if you anticipate traveling more now that the world has reopened. It is a completely free and simple-to-use tool that automatically generates master itineraries for all your journeys. Simply forward your confirmation emails to the app, and TripIt will handle the rest. So, instead of combing through countless emails on travel day to find flight confirmation numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, restaurant reservations, etc. you can just open this app to get everything you need.

5. Promptly

Meeting scheduling can be a real nuisance. You know how it goes: you and your clients typically send several emails back and forth in one chain trying to decide on a. This is a condensed version.


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