‘You intelligent boy,’ Ben Foster said of his penalty talk with Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.


‘You intelligent boy,’ Ben Foster said of his penalty talk with Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

After Liverpool beat Watford, goalkeeper Ben Foster recounted what Mohamed Salah said to him.

Last week, the Reds defeated the Hornets 5-0 at Vicarage Road in the Premier League, with Salah scoring yet another magnificent solo goal.

That day, Roberto Firmino scored a hat-trick, with Sadio Mane beginning the scoring, but Salah’s goal received the brunt of the attention.

Despite Liverpool’s comfortable victory, Foster made a couple good saves and went on to praise the Reds and star player Mohamed Salah.

Foster’s prominent Youtube channel, “Ben Foster – Cycling GK,” has a sizable following, and his most recent episode revealed details of a conversation he had with Salah.

Salah allegedly asked the Watford goalie which direction he would have dived for a penalty if a spot-kick had been awarded.

“But the portion I want to talk about in particular is about Mo Salah and what he said to me at full-time that made me think: ‘Oh my my, you are so professional, so determined,” Foster said on his Facebook page. You want to be the finest version of yourself.’

“So they just won the game by a score of 5-0. I believe Mo Salah scored one goal in the game.

“However, he approached me at full-time with his palm over his mouth, as if he didn’t want the cameras to catch it.”

“‘Ben, Ben…’ he’s come up and gone…”

‘All right, yeah?’ I said. “Are you all right?” ‘Would you have dived which way if I had gotten a penalty?’ he asks. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, you bright, brilliant boy,’ as soon as he said it, because we do our research. All goalkeepers do their homework on strikers, and we’ll try to figure out where their past four, five, or ten penalties went, like Mo Salah’s last five penalties, which he put to the goalkeeper’s right.

“So I looked at him and said, ‘Ah okay.'” I would have turned right. Because you positioned your final five penalties to the right, I would have dove to my right.’

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