With This Powerful Floor Routine, Simone Biles Astounds the World Once More.


With This Powerful Floor Routine, Simone Biles Astounds the World Once More.

Simone Biles has indicated that the Tokyo Olympics will be her final competition because she is getting older. The reigning Olympic and world champion rocketed to the top of the standings on the first night of the United States Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth on Friday.

Quite literally.

After Friday night’s events, which included a high-flying floor performance that wowed the crowd, Biles, 24, leads by a landslide. Her routines are so complex that they’re known as “Biles” passes, which she made two of on Friday. She stuck the landing on the first, a triple twist double back.

Biles shimmied onto the mat before launching into her next move: a half-turn double layout. She was in possession of yet another magnificent piece of property.

Biles skipped the Yurchenko double pike, which she had nailed two weeks beforehand in her first competition in over 18 months. Biles decided to put that movement in her back pocket for later since it is difficult.

Biles remarked, “That’s on the (International Federation of Gymnastics), not on me.” “They have an open-ended point system, and now they’re enraged because people are getting too far ahead and excelling.”

On Friday, she stuck to the basics, which was enough to propel her into the overall lead.

In extreme slow motion, here’s a look at her first pass.

Simone Biles, slowed down to a crawl. pic.twitter.com/d43PPTg87O

June 5, 2021 — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog)

She could have merely brokendanced to pass the time from there, but she continued to perform to gain a significant lead during the floor routine and bring the first night’s festivities to a close.

On Friday, Biles donned a leotard with a goat outline on her right shoulder, indicating Greatest of All Time in a tribute to herself.

On Friday, she performed her entire floor routine, which you can see here.

After a dominant performance on the floor, Simone Biles finishes the first night on top of the rankings. @Simone_Biles // #USGymChamps pic.twitter.com/tsmDapx1KP

— June 5, 2021, #TokyoOlympics (@NBCOlympics)

On Friday, Biles won three of the first four events and now leads the all-around with 59.55 points, which is more than Suni Lee’s 57.35 and Jordan’s 57.35. This is a brief summary.


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