With new uniforms, the German Gymnastics Team takes a stand against ‘Sexualization in Gymnastics.’


With new uniforms, the German Gymnastics Team takes a stand against ‘Sexualization in Gymnastics.’

The German women’s gymnastics team wore full-body suits during their Olympic routines as a protest against “sexualization.” The German Gymnastics Federation officially branded the remark as being against “sexualization” and about being at ease.

In a statement, German gymnast Elisabeth Seitz said, “It’s about what feels comfortable; we wanted to emphasize that every woman, everyone, should determine what to wear.”

They’re sending a point by not wearing standard leotards. https://t.co/6fuXKN1zhn

A leotard is worn by the majority of gymnasts in any setting. The leotard is designed to allow gymnasts to move freely while preventing anything from getting stuck while they flip around, but it may also be easily “sexualized.”

With a tight garment that fits their bodies snugly and provides them the same gratification of not having to worry, the German gymnasts’ bodysuits offer a whole new perspective on what uniforms may offer.

For many years, sexualization has been a problem in the Olympics, and this year, the German gymnasts took matters into their own hands to raise awareness.

The issue “Olympic Athletes or Beauty Queens?” is addressed in an Augsburg honor review report. “Female Athletes’ Sexualization.”

“While male athletes are praised for their strength, agility, and talent, female athletes are sexualized,” the research adds. Women’s entertainment value is derived from the sexualization of their bodies rather than their athletic ability, as evidenced by the midriff-baring bikinis of beach volleyball and the leggy leotards of gymnastics. Female uniforms typically consist of tight-fitting leotards, spandex, short dresses, or skirts, whereas male uniforms typically consist of longer shorts and baggy t-shirts.”

The gymnasts are going for a different look this time.

In a statement, the German Gymnastics Federation stated, “The goal is to exhibit themselves artistically – without feeling uncomfortable.”

The goal of this initiative, according to the federation, is to bring attention to sexualization in gymnastics.

“That isn’t to say we don’t want to wear our regular leotards. It’s a day-by-day decision based on how we’re feeling and what we want. We’ll determine what to wear on competition day,” Seitz added.

It’s more about choice and being allowed to chose what they want to wear, she explained. It should be about what they believe they are capable of competing in on that particular day. Sometimes that means not wearing a body-revealing leotard, but there are times when the leotard is the most beneficial to a routine.

Full-body suits were worn by the German women’s gymnastics squad. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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