Tyson’s Victory Over Deontay Wilder Mike Tyson’s fury prompted him to make a bold claim.


Tyson’s Victory Over Deontay Wilder Mike Tyson’s fury prompted him to make a bold claim.

Following Deontay Wilder’s loss to Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson gave an interesting observation.

After all of the commotion, Fury and Wilder settled the score in their heavyweight boxing battle, with the former emerging victorious.

Both enormous heavyweights exchanged strong punches and knocked one other out.

Fury, on the other hand, stopped Wilder in the 11th round with a highlight-reel right hook that sent “The Bronze Bomber” face-first to the mat.

Many had been waiting for Tyson to make a statement regarding the Fury-Wilder trilogy match, and the 55-year-old finally did so after the tumultuous fight.

Tyson claimed on his official Twitter account that both Fury and Wilder lived up to the “hype” and left their imprint on the beautiful sport.

“The fight between Fury and Wilder will go down in history as one of the best,” Tyson tweeted. “It’s not about skill; it’s about action and thrill.” It took a lot of courage, heart, and conviction to win that war. On Saturday night, everyone came out on top. The fight lived up to the expectations. Both of them have achieved legendary status.” To everyone’s astonishment, “Iron Mike” explained why he felt it was vital to give credit to Wilder’s coach, Malik Scott, in a follow-up tweet.

Wilder, according to Tyson, had a tremendous tactician in his corner the entire fight last Saturday.

“With outstanding coaching, Wilder’s coach Malik Scott won the night,” he added. “You have a coach when you’re an amateur; they nurture you, guide you, and are there for you every step of the way.” When you become a pro, you are assigned a trainer. A coach stays with you for the rest of your life, but a trainer is only with you as long as the checks are coming in. Every punch you take and give is felt by a coach.” Scott was optimistic that Wilder would be able to show that he is one of the top heavyweights in the world ahead of the Fury battle. Despite the heartbreaking defeat, Scott claimed that his student is not planning on retiring just yet, implying that they may seek another major fight in the future.

“Deontay has financially secured his family so he doesn’t have to fight for a living,” Scott said on iFL TV via ESPN. “However, he has no plans to retire, and we haven’t addressed it.” “On Saturday, Deontay Wilder was fantastic, but Tyson Fury was even better—it was a fantastic night of boxing for the heavyweight division.”


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