Troy Deeney tells David Coote what to do after the mistake of Liverpool during the incident with Virgil van Dijk.


Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk was eliminated indefinitely after a challenge from Jordan Pickford went unpunished as the Dutch defender was ruled out offside.

Watford striker Troy Deeney has pointed out after a series of controversial incidents in the Merseyside derby that the referees must admit their mistakes.

There was more than one controversial incident against Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby and Watford striker Troy Deeney has questioned why the referees were not more honest than they admit.

However, there is a recognition that the rules of the game may have been misapplied in this situation.

The VAR team responsible for Everton vs. Liverpool did NOT forget to look for a red card when Jordan Pickford cleared Virgil van Dijk, as ECHO reported yesterday.

Jordan Henderson then believed he had scored the winning goal against Everton before the VAR team decided that Sadio Mane was offside during the build-up – although it was not clear which part of the Senegalese striker’s body was actually not in an offside position.

Sources within the Premier League admit that on this basis it could have been – and perhaps should have been – a sending-off.

A penalty kick was made impossible after the offside decision had been taken, as the game was practically over.

What was then introduced was an element of subjectivity – did Pickford’s challenge amount to a serious foul play that in itself deserved a red card?

Now Troy Deeney has argued that only the match officials are to blame for what happened and that they should do more to admit their mistakes, as players would.

However, the assessment of Stockley Park’s referee and VAR referee David Coote did not consider it punishable.

In his speech at talkSPORT he said: “They made the mistake. It’s not like the trial that’s going on. The trial is all there. You can go and say, “Look at this, this doesn’t look good.

“If you look at it now, Virgil will probably be out for six or seven months, and all they got in return was that it was offside. That’s really bad. It’s the game today that’s really pathetic.”

Deeney, admits that the top referees needed extra help to make the right decisions more consistently, VAR being one way to do just that, but if the officials are wrong, you shouldn’t blame technique.

he said: “Before VAR, it was very much like referees needing help, and we need to give them the technology. We gave them help and technology. Now it is as if we are blaming the technology and not the referees. You have to go hand in hand.

Instead, the championship striker is proposing to face the public and admit his mistakes, as any player or manager in the Premier League is expected to do.

“As a player, if you turn around and say ‘I was wrong’, then nobody can say anything.

“A player makes a mistake, there’s a reason for that. The manager would come out and talk about it, referees never seem to be held accountable for what they do.


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