Tim Cahill and Leon Osman address Lucas Digne’s red card for Everton versus Southampton.


The former Blues couple was in the MOTD2 studio last night when they evaluated the 0-2 defeat away to Saints.

Everton favorites Tim Cahill and Leon Osman beat Lucas Digne’s red card against Southampton.

Lucas Digne received a red card when Everton lost 2-0 to Southampton in their away game.

Carlo Ancelotti insists that it was “an unfortunate contact and the red card was not fair”.

In the second half, Digne was just chasing Kyle Walker-Peters back when his cleats landed on his opponent’s ankle as he tried to follow the run.

“It’s an accident and it doesn’t look good, but I can understand why Ancelotti is unhappy. It depends on the interpretation.”

The boss has indicated that Everton will appeal the decision, so Digne is currently banned from the game three times.

Cahill spoke about the grounding, Cahill said, “He could have slowed the pace.

“He’s running back, and Walker-Pieters’ foot is just in the way of Lucas Digne.

Osman added, “I understand why he got it, but I think it’s an accident and he’ll catch it.

“But you can’t argue that it’s not dangerous, you can’t argue.”

It was a tricky afternoon for him when the home team tried to attack this flank.

Ben Godfrey made his full debut for the Blues in the right back after he impressed from the bench in the derby.

Commenting on the new recruit’s performance, Osman said: “Godfrey is a good young player and has a lot of potential, but he is a central defender.

“He has only passed to James Rodriguez four times in the game and to Yerry Mina 18 times.

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Everton has until 1:00 p.m. today to officially begin the Digne Red Card appeal process.

“You’re comparing this to Coleman, who passed James 43 times in the first games of the season. It showed you how Everton’s threat of attack has changed”…


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