This isn’t fantasy football — England’s Steve Holland claims the team can’t fit enough forwards in.


This isn’t fantasy football — England’s Steve Holland claims the team can’t fit enough forwards in.

At the European Championship, England assistant manager Steve Holland has urged fans not to expect “dream football.”

Gareth Southgate knows his lineup and formation for the Euro 2020 opening against Croatia at Wembley on Sunday, according to the Three Lions coach.

Despite the abundance of attacking alternatives available, Holland is adamant that England will not repeat the mistakes of previous tournaments by cramming all of its forwards into the lineup.

When asked what he thought of the anticipated XIs he has seen in recent days, the 51-year-old used Argentina’s disappointing 2018 World Cup campaign as an example.

When questioned about previous pros’ thoughts on the England team, he remarked, “It’s good to be engaged in a team where so many people have an interest and a view.”

“One day, I’ll be a member of a squad that no one cares about, and I’ll realize I’m in trouble.”

“I believe we’re all loving it. I’d simply say that, looking back to the 2018 World Cup, Argentina had (Paulo) Dybala, (Angel) Di Maria, (Sergio) Aguero, (Gonzalo) Higuain, and Lionel Messi.

“Mauro Icardi was left out of the squad. So you have a lot of potential, but they all got knocked out in the first round.

“This isn’t fantasy football,” says the narrator. It’s fun to play the game, but it can’t be done with just four or five people.

“What that squad demonstrated is that when you attempt to squeeze too many people in, you don’t even get the best of the individuals who can offer when you play with fewer.”

With captain Harry Kane leading the line, there will be a number of players wanting to play behind him who will be disappointed when the squad sheet for the Croatia game is released.

But Holland is clear that if England is to have a good campaign, the entire squad will be called upon, saying, “Our job is clear, we have to strike the appropriate balance.”

“That will vary from game to game. (This is a brief piece.)


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