‘There is no doubt about that.’ – Jurgen Klopp claims that Liverpool’s group is the best in the Champions League.


‘There is no doubt about that.’ – Jurgen Klopp claims that Liverpool’s group is the best in the Champions League.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes his team’s Champions League group is the most difficult he has encountered in his six years at Anfield.

The Reds were placed in Group B alongside Porto of Portugal, Atletico Madrid of La Liga, and AC Milan of Italy, who have won the competition seven times.

The Reds’ first opponent is Milan, who they will face at Anfield on Wednesday in what will be only the third encounter between the two famous names who have shared 13 European Cups.

Klopp is happy with the quality of the other clubs in the group, calling it a “real Champions League group.”

Liverpool provide an update on Harvey Elliott’s operation as the club’s doctor assesses his recovery prospects.

However, the winner of Europe’s most prestigious championship for 2019 feels his troops will have their toughest test yet on the continent.

“This is, without a question, the strongest bunch we’ve had since I’ve been at Liverpool,” he remarked.

“We had a real ‘Champions League’ group at Dortmund in 2013.”

“We had Man City, Real Madrid, and Ajax, which was a true group where people were saying, ‘My God, how are we going to get through?’

“How does it affect the competition?” you might wonder. It not only kicks out two excellent teams, but it will also deliver one excellent football team to the Europa League!

“When people talk about modifications to the Champions League, I’m never sure what they’re talking about.

“I enjoy it the way it is, and this group clearly demonstrates that there are no games that people question to themselves, ‘Do I really want to watch that?’

“From the first to the final second, this bunch will be thrilling. In this group, nothing will be decided too soon.

“It keeps us on our toes, and in between these games, we have a very significant tournament to participate in, with Premier League and League Cup games, as well as the FA Cup hopefully later in the season.

“But it’s precisely what we wanted; we’re playing Milan, Atletico Madrid, and Porto, all of which have incredible stadiums, huge fans, and fervent fanbases.

“It’s precisely how we like our football, and we’ve got it now, so let’s deal with it.”

“It’ll be difficult!” says the narrator. All four teams are to be praised. When we saw the draw, I don’t think there were any.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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