There has been an increase in the number of babies named after Kobe Bryant, with many of them being girls.


There has been an increase in the number of babies named after Kobe Bryant, with many of them being girls.

In 2020, an increasing number of American babies, many of them females, were given the name Kobe, thanks to a boom in popularity sparked by the death of basketball great Kobe Bryant.

When the helicopter they were traveling in crashed in Calabasas, California, on January 26, 2020, the Los Angeles Lakers great was among nine people killed, including his 13-year-old daughter Gigi.

Bryant’s death sparked a worldwide outpouring of sorrow, which, according to data given by the United States Social Security Administration, translated into a desire by many American families to pay tribute to the sporting legend.

In 2020, 1,500 infant males in the United States were given the name Kobe, accounting for 0.082 percent of all male births, while 55 females were also given the name.

The popularity of the name grew from 556th in 2019 to 239th the following year. In 2001, 1,552 boys were given the name Kobe, making it the 222nd most common name for boys.

Earlier this month, Bryant was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Bryant earned five NBA championships with the Lakers, two NBA Finals MVP honors, and one regular season MVP award during his two decades in the league. He was an 18-time All-Star who led the NBA in scoring in 2006 and 2007 and is currently ranked fourth all-time in scoring.

Liam, Noah, and Oliver were the first, second, and third most popular names for boys in the United States for the second year in a row, according to the latest Social Security Administration baby name list. Since 2017, Liam has been at the top of the list.

Olivia, Emma, and Ava are the most popular three names for girls. Since 2016, they’ve been in the top three in some form or another.

Sophia, Isabella, James, and Logan, which have all slid down or out of the top five for boys and girls in the last year or two, look to be losing favor.

Zyair for boys and Avayah for girls are the names that are growing in popularity the most. They improved from 1,558th to 968th place and from 2,477th to 930th place, respectively. Denisse, Jianna, and Capri, as well as Jaxtyn, Jakobe, and Kylo, made significant progress in 2020.

The names Vivaan and Yaritza were registered for boys and girls, respectively. This is a condensed version of the information.


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