The reopening of Dodger Stadium to full capacity signals the end of COVID in sports.


The reopening of Dodger Stadium to full capacity signals the end of COVID in sports.

The Los Angeles Dodgers revealed on Friday that Dodger Stadium would be fully operational on June 15th. The game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday night exemplifies how sports has fared in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Los Angeles Angels announced that their stadium will be fully operational two days later.

COVID is becoming a part of sports culture as more leagues and stadiums open their doors to more and more fans, the majority of whom are not wearing masks.

What was the final score of the three-game series between COVID and sports? COVID 1, Sports 2.

How did the result come about?

Starting in March 2020, COVID delayed or cancelled a slew of sporting competitions and leagues, effectively silenced the sports community. COVID wins and takes a 1-0 lead.

Hockey and basketball were among the first sports to reopen, with regular-season games and playoffs held at neutral sites but with no spectators. Baseball’s season was played without spectators in home stadiums. Only the World Series and the National League Championship Series, which were both held in Arlington, Texas, drew a small crowd. Other sports, such as pro and college football last fall, gradually opened up to fans. SPORTS wins, tying the series at 1-1.

Then, in a bold move after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement on March 2, 2021, that Texas would fully reopen business, the Texas Rangers announced it would play its home games this season with expectations of a full stadium. Globe Life Field opened the 2021 season at nearly a full capacity, and hardly any fans wearing masks. Meanwhile, college baseball across the south has reopened to stands full of maskless fans. Now, just a day after the New York Knicks said it would allow 15,000 total fans for two playoff games, the Dodgers and Angels will fully reopen. SPORTS wins the series, 2-1.

Football teams around the country have already indicated they want more and more fans, anywhere from half capacity to a packed house, for the 2021 season. PGA events have fans lining the greens and fairways, auto racing has fans back in the stands and track and field events has onlookers, all without masks for the most part. The NCAA softball tournament began this weekend, mostly with packed stands. This is a brief summary.


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