The Premier League could abolish the PPV system after a backlash as Liverpool fans help raise nearly 120,000 pounds.


Earlier this month, the top team announced that it would be making games not originally selected for television available to fans at £14.95 per game.

The Premier League could be set to abandon its controversial pay-per-view service for non-TV matches.

The controversial pay-per-view plans will be discussed with the Premier League later this month.

However, the division announced that additional non-TV matches will be made available via pay-per-view in October, with Sheffield United’s visit to Liverpool on Saturday being part of the package.

With the Premier League taking place behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, fans were at risk of being excluded from the opportunity to watch their teams in action during matches that were not to be broadcast.

The Premier League announced at the time that plans were being reviewed and future proposals will be made public at the weekend games on 31 October and 1 November.

In a statement at the time, the Premier League stated that the new agreement “will be reviewed regularly in consultation with the clubs and in line with any decisions taken by the government regarding the return of spectators to the stadiums”.

A total of 15 matches were selected for evening box office coverage between October 17 and November 1, with the Reds participating only once.

“The Premier League made this decision with its clubs to provide a service to fans who are no longer able to attend the games and to generate matchday revenue,” said Rob Webster, managing director of Sky Sports, earlier this month.

It remains to be seen what steps will be taken – but the call for the system to be abolished is growing from various angles.

“We are pleased to support them in this interim solution – and we share their desire to get fans back on the pitch as soon as it is safe.

With Sky Sports and BT Sport’s packages costing some subscribers over £100 per month, the decision to charge £14.95 for other games was condemned this week by fans in Merseyside.

However, the idea came under fire when fans criticised the decision to charge an additional fee at a time when jobs are being lost across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There was also frustration over the lack of further consultation after initial talks between the Premier League and fan trusts had already taken place in August.

Given the strong sentiment and backlash against the plans, the Premier League may be forced to stop subscription coverage if it revisits the issue later this month.

ECHO believes that an “early day” motion was tabled in parliament last week. It is expected that more MPs will be contacted by their constituents on this issue as fans continue to be affected.

Soccer fans in Merseyside and beyond helped raise nearly £120,000 for the Fans Supporting Foodbanks group following the decision not to buy the Reds’ game against Sheffield United.

Supporting clubs from all 20 Premier League clubs committed to boycott, and a Newcastle fan group raised £20,000 for the Foodbanks group in the West End of the city after they decided to play the home game against Manchester United.


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