The NFL and the owner of the Los Angeles Rams have agreed to pay $790 million to the city of St. Louis in exchange for the team’s relocation.


The NFL and the owner of the Los Angeles Rams have agreed to pay $790 million to the city of St. Louis in exchange for the team’s relocation.

According to the Associated Press, the NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke have agreed to pay the city of St. Louis $790 million to resolve a lawsuit launched after the franchise was relocated to Los Angeles.

Officials from St. Louis County and the city issued a joint statement announcing the settlement.

In a joint statement, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said, “This historic agreement concludes a long chapter for our area, ensuring hundreds of millions of dollars for our neighborhoods while avoiding the uncertainty of the trial and appellate process.”

The NFL also issued a statement, stating that the team and officials in St. Louis “have been able to satisfactorily address the situation.”

A lawsuit that was launched four and a half years ago has come to an end as a result of the settlement. St. Louis filed a lawsuit against the NFL and Kroenke in 2016 over the Rams’ plan to relocate to Los Angeles. According to the lawsuit, Kroenke and league officials lied about prospective relocation plans as early as 2013, and the league disregarded relocation restrictions.

Kroenke and other NFL officials were compelled to submit financial information by a circuit judge in July in order to establish if they had committed fraud. The request was labeled “intrusive” by the league’s lawyers, but they eventually handed them over after the Missouri Supreme Court affirmed the judgment.

According to ESPN, the possibility of St. Louis being chosen for a new team was not seriously considered. The distribution of monies, including how much Kroenke will pay and how much other NFL team owners will pay, has yet to be determined.

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Kroenke and the NFL had failed in their attempts to have the lawsuit dismissed or at the very least relocated out of St. Louis, and courts had been sympathetic to the St. Louis side’s efforts to divulge financial information on club owners—rulings that expedited the settlement push.

The case was supposed to go to trial on January 10th. More than $1 billion was requested in the complaint. The team’s relocation was said to have cost the St. Louis region millions in amusement, ticket, and earnings tax revenue.

In 1995, then-owner Georgia Frontiere relocated the Rams from Los Angeles to her hometown of St. Louis, where they had previously spent 21 seasons. This is a condensed version of the information.


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