The Legend of the Premier League Goalkeeper’s Helmet


The Legend of the Premier League Goalkeeper’s Helmet

There are players who stand out in any sport for a variety of reasons.

Kobe Bryant biting down on his jersey when it’s time to get serious, LeBron James’ chalk toss before the game, John Cena pumping his Reeboks in his younger years, and David Beckham with his long sleeves are all famous images.

Then there’s Petr Cech, who is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Cech was one of the biggest goalkeepers in the English Premier League during his playing days, as well as one of the most remarkable keepers in the league, as he holds numerous Premier League records.

With 180 appearances, he holds the record for the fewest appearances necessary to reach 100 clean sheets–the cleanest sheets in a season with 24 matches–and the cleanest sheets in Premier League history with 202.

He is also the only goalie in Premier League history to win the Premier League Golden Glove, an annual honor given to the goalkeeper who keeps the league’s cleanest sheets, with two different clubs and four times (2004-05, 2009-10, 2013-14 and 2015-16).

However, his helmet, which he wears in all games, is more popular than his tremendous exploits.

When he collided with Steven Hunt’s knee in a game against Reading on October 14, 2006, he suffered a fractured skull.

His doctors warned him that a second head injury would be fatal after he spent ten days in the hospital.

“If I didn’t have it on, I’d be more confident. The helmet has an effect on your surroundings, whether you like it or not. In a 2015 interview with Tyden, Cech said, “You have your ears covered, and that makes your hearing worse.”

“However, the doctor has prevented me from removing the helmet. If I did, I wouldn’t have to buy insurance,” he joked.

He’d wear the helmet for the next nine years with Chelsea, until finishing his career with Arsenal in 2019.

Cech finished his career as the goalkeeper with the third-most clean sheets among goalkeepers since 2000, and his renowned helmet would become a part of his history.


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