The injury stroke of James Rodriguez and everything Carlo Ancelotti said in the press conference before the game in Everton.


Live broadcast of Carlo Ancelotti’s pre-match press conference before Everton’s Premier League trip to Newcastle United

Everton will be playing in the Premier League on Sunday and will travel to Newcastle United for his final league match.

The Blues are currently at the top of the standings, but after losing in Southampton in their last game, they are looking to make up ground to defend their lead at the top of the standings.

Prior to Sunday’s game, Everton CEO Carlo Ancelotti will hold a digital press conference on Zoom, and as always, we will provide LIVE updates.

With an injury update on Seamus Coleman and Mason Holgate, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest updates from Ancelotti before the game.

At 13.30 Phil Kirkbride, Adam Jones and Theo Squires will start reporting on the game.

Important events
Key points from Ancelotti14:06
James Rodriguez expelled from Newcastle13:38
15:03Theo Squires

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14:49 Theo Squires
GUARD: Bruce at the season start of Everton

14:49 Theo squires
GUARD: Ancelotti’s message for the Everton Women before the FA Cup Final

14:48 Theo Squires
GUARD: Ancelotti at the top of the table

Everton wants to secure the top spot in the Premier League this weekend.

And Carlo Ancelotti is enjoying the view…

14:46 Theo Squires
GUARD: Ancelotti offers news about the Everton team

14:28Theo Squires
GUARD: Ancelotti about James Rodriguez

A heavy blow for Everton this weekend.

Ancelotti key points

Missing Carlo? Here are the most important points…

13:49 Theo Squires
Carlo about Sigurdsson

13:47 Theo Squires
More about Gordon

13:46 Theo Squires
Carlo about substitutions

13:46 Theo Squires
Carlo to Anthony Gordon

13:44 Theo Squires
Carlos’ message to the women of Everton

“First of all, everyone in the club is very excited about this final. It is a great opportunity for the women’s team to make history and improve the history of this club. The message I can tell them is: Don’t go to the final because they have already reached it. Go to win the final”.

13:44 Theo Squires
Carlo about injuries this season

13:41Theo Squires
Carlo about strength in depth

13:41Theo Squires
Injury Update

13:40 Theo Squires
Carlo on Newcastle

13:39 Theo Squires
Carlo on the defeat of Southampton

James Rodriguez excluded from Newcastle

13:37 Theo Squires
This is Carlo!

Here we go…

13:34 Theo Squires
AJ is ready…

Or we need Carlo now. Looks like he’s late…

13:21 Theo Squires
Analyze Everton Podcast

Would you like to have a preliminary print?

Here is the latest podcast from Analysing Everton…

13:05 Theo Knappen
Gbamin accelerates recovery

Jean-Philippe Gbamin will not be able to play this weekend, but he is approaching a return.

13:03 Theo Squires
Ancelotti Press Conference LIVE

Carlo Ancelotti will be in front of the press this afternoon at 1:30 pm before the trip from Everton to Newcastle United!

Stay tuned for LIVE-Updates…..


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