The ‘feud’ between Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool has sparked a surprising claim: ‘too much attention.’


The ‘feud’ between Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool has sparked a surprising claim: ‘too much attention.’

Last season, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and his Sheffield United opponent Chris Wilder appeared to be locked in a verbal spat.

Klopp’s intention to employ five substitutes in the Premier League has been dubbed “selfish” and “world class politician” by Wilder.

The Reds boss retorted, adding of Wilder’s faltering Blades, “They have three subs and one point if I am correct.”

Things calmed down before the pair’s final Premier League meeting in February, when Liverpool won 2-0 to end a run of four straight league losses and edge United closer to relegation.

It would be one of Wilder’s final games in charge of a team he had brought from mid-table in League One to a place in the Champions League in their first season in the Premier League.

So, what was the boyhood friendship like between Blade and Klopp?

On a special Blood Red podcast, Nathan Hemmingham, who covers Sheffield United for The Washington Newsday’s sister website, Yorkshire Live, remarked, “They did got along extremely well despite the public feuds that rose up out of nothing.”

“For what it was worth, it received far too much attention.

“Chris told me a great anecdote about Jurgen Klopp and the first time Sheffield United faced Liverpool (since winning promotion to the Premier League). When Gini Wijnladum scored the game’s winning goal and Dean Henderson let the ball slip between his fingers.

“Liverpool triumphed 1-0, but it was a great day for Sheffield United because they gave Liverpool a terrific game and, if it hadn’t been for Henderson’s error, I believe they would have won.

“Chris had a bottle of Champagne in his office when Jurgen arrived at Bramall Lane that day to offer to him as a gesture of respect, saying, “You’re a top manager, welcome to our club, here is a bottle of Champagne.”

“Jurgen, on the other hand, would not touch it, would not enter his office, would not speak to him, and would have nothing to do with it. Jurgen, on the other hand, headed straight to his office after the game.

“Later, Chris staggered into the press conference and fell flat on his face. “The summary has come to an end.”


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