The Detroit Pistons have the top pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.


The Detroit Pistons have the top pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

After the atypical times of 2020, the NBA Draft returns to normal times in 2021. The annual NBA draft will take place on Thursday night, with the Detroit Pistons holding the first overall choice. Cade Cunningham of Oklahoma State University is anticipated to be selected by the Pistons.

On Thursday, the 2021 Draft will begin at 8 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ABC and ESPN.

The NBA Draft for 2020 did not take place until November of last year, and it was conducted entirely online. The Draft will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this year.

The following is the draft order for the NBA Draft in 2021. (before any trades are made during the draft). It will be updated as the selections are made.

1. Detroit in the first round 2. The city of Houston 3. The city of Cleveland 4. The city of Toronto 5. The city of Orlando Oklahoma City is ranked number six. 7. The Golden State Warriors (from Minnesota) 9. Sacramento (from Chicago) 8. Orlando New Orleans is number ten. Charlotte is number eleven. San Antonio is number 12 on the list. Indiana is number thirteen. Golden State (#14) Washington, D.C. Oklahoma City is ranked 16th (from Boston) Memphis is 17th, and Oklahoma City is 18th (from Miami via the LA Clippers, Philadelphia, and Phoenix) New York is number 19 on the list. Atlanta is number twenty-first. New York is number twenty-one (from Dallas) Los Angeles Lakers (#22) Houston (from Portland) 23. Houston 24. Houston (from Milwaukee) Los Angeles Clippers (#25) Denver is ranked 26th, and Brooklyn is ranked 27th. Philadelphia is number 28. Phoenix is ranked 29th, and Utah is ranked 30th.

The Round of 16 Milwaukee is number 31. (from Houston) New York is number 32. (from Detroit via the LA Clippers and Philadelphia) Orlando is number 33. Oklahoma City is number 34. New Orleans is number 35. (from Cleveland via Atlanta) Oklahoma City is ranked 36th (from Minnesota via Golden State) Detroit is number 37. (from Toronto via Brooklyn) Chicago is number 38. (from New Orleans) Sacramento is number 39. New Orleans is number 40. (from Chicago) San Antonio is number 41. Detroit is number 42. (from Charlotte via New York) New Orleans is number 43. (from Washington via Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Utah) Brooklyn is number 44. (from Indiana) Boston is number 45. Toronto is number 46. (from Memphis via Sacramento) Toronto is number 47. (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans) 48. Athens (from Miami via Sacramento and Portland) Brooklyn is number 49. (from Atlanta) Philadelphia is number 50. (from New York) 51. Memphis, Tennessee (from Portland via Dallas, Detroit, and Cleveland) Detroit is number 52. (from Los Angeles Lakers via Sacramento, Houston, and Detroit) Philadelphia is number 53. (from New Orleans via Dallas) Indiana is number 54. (from Milwaukee via Houston and Cleveland) Oklahoma City (from. 55) This is a condensed version of the information.


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