The 2020 Summer Olympics are already surrounded by four controversies.


The 2020 Summer Olympics are already surrounded by four controversies.

The journey to the Olympics can be long. The journey to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 has been significantly longer.

The Games were forced to be postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as the globe prepares for the opening ceremonies, all eyes are on the competitors, their coaches, and the bodies that control them.

Despite the fact that the Olympics do not officially begin until July 23, there have already been some problems surrounding this year’s games. The four listed below have already generated a stir in the Olympic world and beyond.

The ‘Japanese Only’ Elevator Sign at a Tokyo Hotel has been removed.

In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, the Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu reportedly posted signs on its elevators designating some as “Japanese only” and others as “foreigners only.”

According to Reuters, Tokyo declared a state of emergency on Monday, fearing a spike in coronavirus cases due to the influx of Olympic visitors. To avoid the rise, the hotel alleges that Tokyo 2020 organizers asked hotel management to keep Olympic guests’ movements separate from non-Olympic guests’ movements. According to an official, the signs were created in response to that recommendation and were never intended to be “racist.” People on the internet, however, were outraged by the signs, which have since been removed.

The Akasaka Excel Tokyu hotel in #Tokyo has set up separate elevators for “foreigners” and “Japanese” in a prejudiced, xenophobic, and ignorant act. Measures for #COVID19 should be based on public health rather than race, nationality, or ignorance. #Japan

July 11, 2021 — Marc Yanofsky (@MarcYanofsky)

“Tokyo’s Akasaka Excel Tokyu hotel has built separate elevators for ‘foreigners’ and ‘Japanese,’ in a racist, xenophobic, and dumb move,” a Twitter user called Marc stated.

“Are they for real? What is this 1950s-era segregation? What makes them believe this is appropriate?” Lambrah, a Reddit user, enquired.

“We tried to make it easy to understand but ended up causing misunderstanding,” the hotel apologized on its website on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Allan Bower, Team USA Alternate, is reportedly not fully funded by USAG.

Mark Williams, the head coach of the University of Oklahoma men’s gymnastics team, issued a public statement on his Twitter account on Saturday, stating that USA Gymnastics (USAG) had rejected. This is a condensed version of the information.


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