Texas High School player thrown out of the game, storms back to the attacking referee


A high school soccer game on Thursday night in South Texas turned ugly when one of the players from one team who had been kicked out for a penalty came back onto the field and attacked the referee who had kicked him out. The player slammed the referee on the grass with a blind side blow.

The reprisal turned into a scrumble on the pitch. A car was brought onto the field, but the referee was eventually able to walk off the field alone.

Here is a video of the goal.


– santiago (@_7santiago) December 4, 2020

Here is the scene. The Edinburg Bobcats played against the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Bears in a game in Edinburg on Thursday evening.

Andrew McCulloch of Brownsville News tweeted after the incident that Emmanuel Duron of Edinburg High “ran onto the field and hit the referee who threw him out with his body”.

“Aside from the fact that Duron spent a full season on the defensive at Edinburg High, he was also able to fight for a title in state wrestling,” McCulloch continued. “It’s hard to imagine that this is happening now.”

Really very ugly moment here in Edinburg

I know what happened, but Emmanuel Duron was thrown out of the game

A few moments later he ran onto the field and hit the referee, who threw him out, with his body.

Referee is still down on the pitch #RGVFootball #txhsfb

– Andrew McCulloch (@ByAndyMcCulloch) December 4, 2020

Duron was escorted off the field by the police. He was reportedly not wearing handcuffs.

Here is another look at the course of events in Edinburgh on Thursday night.

I have no video of the incident, but this game is streamed on YouTube thanks to @Riosportslive

– Andrew McCulloch (@ByAndyMcCulloch) December 4, 2020

The teams play in class 6A, the highest classification in Texas. They are part of District 31 in Region IV, one of the southernmost sports districts of the state, located near Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley.

Reports in the social media indicate that Duron was kicked out because of a late goal during a game. Duron, a defensive player who stood on the sidelines to receive his kick-out, then stormed across the field and drove the referee into the grass as if he was a tackling dummy on a practice field.

Coaches and other Edinburg High staff were seen trying to prevent Duron from attacking the referee before this happened.

Edinburg then won the game 35-21 against P-S J-A. The Bobcats are now 4-1 in the district and 4-2 overall this season, and the trip to the playoffs is now imminent.

The Texas 5A and 6A playoffs begin next weekend, and Thursday night’s game in Edinburgh would help determine the Bears’ path. There is no indication whether Duron would continue the season with them or not.

The high school season in Texas was cancelled because of COVID-19. Schools in grades 2A through 4A will advance to the state quarter finals this weekend, and two weeks before today, the state championships of grade 1A (six-a-side football) will be played the week before. Classes 5A and 6A will begin this weekend with travel to the AT&T Stadium for their respective state championships.

Texas 5A and 6A schools will hold their national championships in early January.


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