Steven Naismith explains the “surreal” moment of scoring against Everton and the Champions League hope.


The Scottish striker spent four years with the Blues, playing 103 missions and scoring 18 goals before moving to Norwich City.

Steven Naismith has described the “surreal” moment he scored against Everton after leaving the club, and explains how this showed how special Goodison Park crowds are.

Former Everton player Steven Naismith talked about his career in the blues, what it was like to score against his old team in Goodison Park, and how his European hopes

he said: “Yes, I remember it very well, it was a very surreal thing that happened, and after the game it really came to my mind and showed me how special a club Everton really is.

On Naismith told us exactly how it felt and gave a review of his entire career at Everton.

He still played in the Premier League for the Canary Islands and returned to Goodison Park with a goal, but instead of the home team showing any hostility towards the man who once scored a perfect hat trick in their colors, they applauded,

“The character that I am, I will always have the mentality that I want to win at all costs. Over the years, footballers will always go through hard times for many different reasons, but I have always felt that I was strong enough to always survive them and show my worth.

“I have always thought that I had a career that was actually a hobby that turned into a job.

“Personally, I loved everything about Roberto. I felt that under him I was learning something new every day, and I felt that I had quickly gained his trust on the field by playing in certain positions that he wanted me to play. We played a good football style, and that suited me as well. In football, self-confidence plays such a big role and my confidence grew every week when I got a series of games.

While he was signed by David Moyes, he scored the most successes under Roberto Martinez in Merseyside, and he still appreciates the confidence that the former EFC manager instilled in him.

Naismith has since moved to Hearts for the Scottish Championship, but it is clear that he still keeps an eye on one of his former clubs and their current progress under Carlo Ancelotti.

“Carlo Ancelotti is a great appointment and the contracts he has won have all started off very well. His record as a manager speaks for itself and I hope he can bring some silverware to the club because if anyone deserves success, it’s the Evertonians.

With the Blues at the top of the Premier League, the ex-Toffees player believes the club must fight for silver and a place in the Champions League this season.

“The support I have received during my time with the club has been incredible. With the size of the club that the toffees are, we have to fight for trophies and get into this group of teams fighting for the Champions League.

“I watch most of Everton’s games and I am very optimistic for this season.

And although he has the ambition to one day become the most important man on the coaching bench, he will not forget his charity work and will continue to make sure he can use his position for the benefit of others.

“I think more and more about what I will do when I retire. I love the game very much, and as I have grown older, I have found real satisfaction when a younger player takes advice from me and you can see the rewards.

Naismith talks about what the future could hold for the 34-year-old. He finds joy in the tactical battles in the game and hopes to play a major role in shaping the next generation.


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