Soccer: Türkgücü professional is racist insulted by Waldhof fans.


A South Korean player of the third-league soccer team Türkgücü Munich is said to have been racially insulted during a league game. The DFB promised to investigate the incident.

The South Korean Yi-Young Park of Türkgücü Munich is said to have been racially insulted during the third league game at SV Waldhof Mannheim (4:4). He had “experienced racism from some spectators”, the 26-year-old wrote on his Instagram profile. The German Soccer Association then announced on Sunday that it would investigate the incident in detail. “After the referee has presented the special report and its sighting, the control committee will begin its investigations,” said the deputy chairman of the DFB control committee, Fred Kreitlow.
The Mannheim-based company also announced educational work. “We are already in contact with the police, security and public order service for this purpose,” they said. One should take a clear stand against any form of racism. Waldhof managing director Markus Kompp told the German Press Agency that the game had been briefly interrupted by the referee. “I myself did not notice any shouts or insults,” said Kompp. “But of course we must now see how we proceed. Of course we will distance ourselves from this.”

According to the DFB, the game went smoothly after the interruption.
Park described it as “very regrettable that some people still see it as necessary to hurt someone in this way and damage the soccer culture.



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