Romelu Lukaku Reveals Surprising Facts About His Chelsea Career.


Romelu Lukaku Reveals Surprising Facts About His Chelsea Career.

Romelu Lukaku has always understood the significance of Chelsea in his brilliant career.

Lukaku joined at Chelsea from Belgium as an 18-year-old in 2011 to be groomed as the club’s future primary center-forward.

Lukaku had to master his craft at an early age in a world-famous club and one of the sport’s most prominent tournaments.

As expected, the adolescent faced challenges that would later aid him in becoming one of the best strikers in the world.

“It was painful and useful,” Lukaku said of his initial tenure with Chelsea, “but I would say more helpful because it gave me the mentality and mindset that I needed to become the player I am today.”

“He said, “The team was very good, but no one noticed the extra effort they did after the training sessions.” “As an 18-year-old, I observed firsthand how hard the players worked every day to improve their art. That’s when I realized you have to do that to become this type of player. ‘When I’m not playing, this is what I’m going to do,’ I told myself “and it essentially became a way of life’.” In 2013, Lukaku announced his departure from Chelsea. He became the star of Serie A side Inter Milan six years later.

The Belgian reached the zenith of his career with Milan, even winning the Italian league title, before returning to Chelsea this summer.

Lukaku revealed that “chances” to return to Stamford Bridge knocked along the way, but they didn’t materialize.

He eventually made his way back to Chelsea and is overjoyed about it.

“I knew I’d get better as a player, so it was simply a matter of timing,” he explained. “I had two chances to return, in 2016 and 2017, but both times I was unable to do so due to a variety of factors.

“It happened in the end because now is the appropriate moment, the right age, the team is doing well, and everything is in place for it to succeed.”

Lukaku, like Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah, was loaned out by Chelsea to gain more experience and develop his skills.

Lukaku was “so keen to impress that it went against him,” according to former Chelsea assistant manager Eddie Newton, and he “wasn’t ready at the moment.”

Lukaku is confident that this time will be a completely different tale because he has learned so much over the years.

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