Richard Keys has sent Everton a weird five-man shortlist for their future manager.


Richard Keys has sent Everton a weird five-man shortlist for their future manager.

Former Sky Sports broadcaster Richard Keys has encouraged Everton to replace Carlo Ancelotti with Nuno Espirito Santo, Sean Dyche, Unai Emery, Frank Lampard, or Mark Hughes.

After the disclosure of multiple tapes in which he was found to have made rude and sexist statements toward female referee Sian Massey and other female characters, Keys resigned from Sky in 2011.

Last month, he enraged Everton supporters by claiming that Ancelotti was at the ‘wrong club’ before leaving for Real Madrid, and by accusing James Rodriguez of ‘taking the p***’ with his performances at Goodison Park.

On Thursday, he went to social media once more to submit the Everton board a weird five-man shortlist.

In response to suggestions that Rafael Benitez could be pursued by Farhad Moshiri, Keys said: “Rafa’s team is working around the clock to secure him a job at Everton. I can’t imagine Evertonians putting up with it.

“Do you think it’s Nuno, or Dyche, Emery, Lampard, Hughes?”

Dyche and Lampard are not expected to be considered for the job, while Mark Hughes has been unemployed since 2018.

Although Emery has not been associated with the job, Keys endorsed Nuno to take over at Everton after Ancelotti’s contract expired at the end of the Premier League season.

He expressed himself like follows: “I’ve come to the conclusion that Ancelotti is a really fortunate young man. Is there any progress? He did finish two places higher this time, but let’s face it, Everton aren’t going anywhere.

“Big Sam came in eighth place and took the sack. What’s my solution? No way. Do it right now.”


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