Rafa Benitez opposes Carlo Ancelotti by addressing Everton supporters in a single sentence.


Rafa Benitez opposes Carlo Ancelotti by addressing Everton supporters in a single sentence.

“Some feel that finishing eighth is a fantastic goal. That doesn’t mean anything to me.” Rafa Benitez touched on an extremely important subject for any incoming Everton manager with just one comment.

It’s one thing to be realistic about the club’s possibilities. No one expects the Blues to fight for a place in the Champions League before the conclusion of the season.

Of course, it’s feasible, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

However, that does not imply that mediocrity should be tolerated at this club.

Managers in the past are likely to have been victims of this. They believed that finishing in the middle of the pack was a significant accomplishment.

Take a look at Carlo Ancelotti’s words after his team was thrashed by Man City on the final day of the season, leaving them in tenth place after a true end-of-season collapse denied them any chance of European participation.

“I’m quite pleased since we progressed from last season,” he remarked.

“We have 10 more points on the board, we had some amazing results – we won the derby, we beat some top clubs – but we were not successful at home, and this is where we need to improve and work in the summer to find the appropriate players to improve the group.”

In a strict sense, the former manager was correct, but he failed to convey the spirit of what Evertonians wanted to hear.

Yes, the club’s squad was far from ideal last season, but European football remained a possibility until the final few games – and they only had themselves to blame for wasting that chance.

In contrast, Benitez stated in an exclusive interview with The Washington Newsday that

He makes it apparent right on that he isn’t satisfied with mid-table finishes, and why should he be?

He’s a manager who has been dogged by controversy since his arrival at Goodison Park, but who has a proven track record of winning trophies at a variety of teams around Europe.

The Spaniard is used to success, and he’s made it clear that he won’t settle for anything short than *true* success at Everton.

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