Racism against Mo Salah: Fan excluded from games for three years.


A West Ham United fan is banned from playing soccer for three years after he has racially insulted Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah.

48-year-old Bradley Thumwood will be banned from playing soccer for three years after he racially insulted Liverpool Muslim striker Mohamed Salah in the West Ham vs Liverpool match on 29 January. Thumwood appeared before Thames Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty.

“Thumwood was banned from football for three years and fined £400. He was also sentenced to damages for pain and suffering and legal costs of 125 pounds,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

West Ham vowed to adopt a “zero tolerance approach” to future incidents of a similar nature. But the association also stressed that they would try to support Thumwood so that he could change his racist views.

“The club works closely with Kick It Out and our fan group BAME Hammers,” said a club spokesman. In cooperation with these organizations, the club will offer educational events for such perpetrators to help them change. The club stressed that they reserve the right to issue an indefinite ban if these efforts are unsuccessful.

Police officer Andy Sheldon urged fans to report any cases of discrimination and racist insults during the games. “We do not and will not tolerate hate crimes at soccer matches and will take action against those who have committed such crimes during the games,” he said.



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