PSG are still interested in signing Paul Pogba, but Man United players want him to stay.


PSG are still interested in signing Paul Pogba, but Man United players want him to stay.

Manchester United has had a particularly successful transfer window, with the important arrivals of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund and Raphael Varane from Real Madrid bolstering the club’s defense and attacking corps.

However, the Red Devils have been trying to keep their midfielder group together since allegations surfaced during the summer that Paul Pogba is considering leaving the club.

He has been linked with a summer transfer to Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, although no official deal has been announced.

Manchester United has been adamant about keeping Pogba at Old Trafford, but the club’s top brass has yet to persuade him to sign a new contract.

Marcus Rashford, a star for Manchester United, is among those asking him to stay in the country.

“Rashford and others have done everything they can to persuade Pogba to stay. They believe the team would lose a significant player if he left since he is regarded as a true world-class talent among the squad,” The Sun said.

The current hope is that Pogba’s international teammate Varane’s arrival at Old Trafford will aid in his retention.

PSG remains the frontrunner for his signature, but Manchester United has no intention of letting him go for less than the £89 million ($123.6 million) cost they paid for him five years ago.

According to insiders, Manchester United is still looking to sign Atletico Madrid fullback Kieran Trippier and a top-level defensive midfielder during this transfer season.

The club believes they are closer than ever to competing for the English Premier League crown, having finished second last season with 74 points, 12 points behind perennial rival Manchester City.

Manchester United has a lot of options to make in the future, whether they maintain Pogba or not.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the club’s manager, will have to decide which of his team’s talents will be maintained for the future.


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