Press release of the Premier League in response to radical reform proposals.


The Telegraph announced late Sunday morning that the “Project Big Picture” was a far-reaching plan to be launched in response to the liquidity crisis in English football.

The Premier League has issued a statement on reports of a possible radical upheaval in the top division.

The Premier League spoke after reports were published in The Telegraph on Sunday morning

EFL Chairman Rick Parry conducted an interview in which he expressed his support for the plans. However, the Premier League has now issued a statement expressing its disappointment with the plans.

Changes to the voting system have also reportedly been proposed, moving from the current 14-team majority system to one that gives priority to the “Big Six” – alongside Everton, West Ham and Southampton.

The proposals could entail enormous changes, such as reducing the Premier League to 18 teams, abolishing the league cup and redesigning the playoffs.

The organization claimed that it favors a discussion about the future of the game, but also believes that some of the rumored plans would be damaging.

The statement said: “We have seen media reports today about a plan to restructure football in this country.

“Both the Premier League and the Football Association support a broad discussion about the future of the game, including the competitive structures, the timetable and the overall funding, especially in view of the impact of COVID-19.

“English football is the most watched football in the world and has a vibrant, dynamic and competitive league structure that attracts interest around the globe. To maintain this position, it is important that we all work together.

“Football has many stakeholders, so this work should be done through the right channels so that all clubs and stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute.

“The Premier League has worked in good faith with its clubs and the EFL to find a solution to the COVID 19 bailout demand. This work will continue.”

“The Premier League believes that a number of the individual proposals in the plan released today could have a detrimental effect on the entire game and we are disappointed that the EFL Chairman, Rick Parry, has pledged his record support.


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