Philip Rivers overtakes Dan Marino and Joe Flacco overtakes Joe Montana on the vaunted QB career passing list.


So the year 2020 has worked its way into strange NFL statistics. Joe Flacco and Philip Rivers probably don’t come to mind when it comes to quarterback greats of all time. But in a period of four days, they each passed all-time greats who are anchored in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

In the match between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night, Colt quarterback Philip Rivers finished fifth in his career with a pass from Dan Marino. Philips managed an 11-yard pass to Jonathan Taylor, who shot past Marino in fifth place.

Marino ended his career with 61,361 career pass yards, which is now sixth place in NFL history. Philips, who was only three yards behind Marino when he entered the game on Thursday night, is now fifth – at the time of this release the game was still in the first quarter. The first four on the list are Drew Brees (79,536), Tom Brady (76,969), Payton Manning (71,940) and Brett Favre (71,838).

Just last Sunday, Flacco pushed past Joe Montana during a New York Jets defeat to the New England Patriots on the same list. Flacco is now the 20th of all time with 40,726 passing yards in a career, overtaking Montana’s 40,551.

Here are the top 25 NFL leaders in their career passing Montana’s 40,551 yards. (Fat active, * Hall of Fame initiate, + during the game on Thursday night)

79,536 – Drew Brees
76,969 – Tom Brady
71,940 – Peyton Manning
71,838 – Board Favre*
61,SGS – Philip Rivers+
61,361 – Dan Marino*
58,479 – Ben Roethlisberger
57,023 – Eli Manning
53,932 – Matt Ryan
51,475 – John Elway*
49,325 – Warren Moon*
49,199 – Aaron Rodgers
47.003 – Fran Tarkenton*
46,247 – Carson Palmer
46,233 – Vinny Testaverde
44,611 – Drew Bledsoe
43,152 – Matthew staff word
43,040 – Dan Fouts*
40,922 – Kerry Collins
40,726 – Joe Flacco
40,551 – Joe Montana*
40,239 – Johnny Unitas*
38,147 – Dave War
37,920 – Boomer Esiason
37,276 – Donovan McNabb

Rivers spent his entire career with the San Diego Chargers (and eventually the Los Angeles Chargers) before signing with the Colts in the off-season.

Flacco spent most of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, but now, after injuring previous starter Sam Darnold, he’s starting with the New York Jets.


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