Pep Guardiola makes an injury claim for Manchester City and discusses what he ‘didn’t expect’ from Chelsea and Liverpool.


Pep Guardiola makes an injury claim for Manchester City and discusses what he ‘didn’t expect’ from Chelsea and Liverpool.

Despite having an eight-point lead at the top of the standings heading into 2022, Pep Guardiola has admitted Manchester City can’t afford to take anything for granted in the Premier League title battle.

The Sky Blues overcame Brentford to earn their ninth consecutive league victory, capitalizing on both Chelsea and Liverpool dropping points.

City’s propensity to string out consecutive victories has been well-documented in recent seasons, something the Reds will be well aware of after missing out on the 2018/19 title by a stunning 97 points.

Guardiola, on the other hand, has highlighted that concentrating over winning runs for the rest of the season is a’stupid’ idea, admitting his amazement at City’s current position.

“Winning the Premier League is the most significant title,” the former Barcelona manager stated.

“You can overcome a variety of situations throughout the season. We’re playing without Kyle Walker, who has been crucial to us on numerous occasions, and Rodri has been out for two – possibly three – games. We don’t have any central defenders because John is out. We’re having some difficulties in some areas, but it’s all about how you overcome them.

“Don’t think about the long run; it’s a waste of time to consider how many games you’ll win. It’s all about what comes next, being prepared, and the drive, dedication, and the team saying, “OK, I want to do it.”

“When we were four, five, and six points behind Chelsea and Liverpool a month ago, I didn’t expect to be in this situation. When everything is assumed, you are 4-0 [against Leicester]and everything is assumed. You’re 4-3 after 20 minutes. I promise you that this game will not be won till we score the fifth goal.

“Don’t be very satisfied when things are going well, and don’t be overly depressed when things are going badly, because with the number of games in the tournament, and as I experienced last season with the Covid scenario, being relaxed is the best way to approach the next game.”

When asked if this City team is the best of his career, Guardiola replied, “It would be unfair.”

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