Ona Carbonell slams Tokyo 2020 for refusing to let her travel with her nursing baby.


Ona Carbonell slams Tokyo 2020 for refusing to let her travel with her nursing baby.

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ona Carbonell, a Spanish swimmer and two-time Olympic medalist competing in the Tokyo Olympics, expressed her “disappointment and disillusionment” at not being able to travel to the Games with her breastfeeding son due to “some extremely drastic measures that make this option impossible.”

“Despite the appearance of some news suggesting that we athletes could travel to the Tokyo Olympic Games accompanied by our infants or young children, we have been informed by the organizing entities of some extremely drastic measures that make this option impossible for me,” the synchronized swimming athlete wrote on her Instagram account.

Carbonell stated in the post, which included a video message from her while breastfeeding her son, “After getting many comments of support and encouragement to go to Tokyo with Kai, I wanted to share my disappointment and disillusionment that I will finally have to fly without him.”

“It is fantastic to see so many moms competing at the highest level, including at the Olympic Games,” a representative for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) told This website.

“It is crucial to remember that admission into Japan is the responsibility of the Japanese government, and the present pandemic scenario necessitates a significant decrease in the number of accredited participants who do not have critical and operational responsibilities,” stated an IOC spokesperson.

Carbonell claimed in the video message that when she contacted Olympics officials about flying to Tokyo with her kid, she was told “no.”

Because the Japanese government’s impositions are not compatible with my sports performance and being with my family at the same time, the athlete claimed she had to “make an extremely difficult decision” to travel without her son.

After watching other female athletes speak out on social media about having to pick between “family and breastfeeding or participate in the Olympic games, we were informed this was uncompatible,” the Olympian was inspired to send a petition to the IOC about traveling with Kai.

Carbonell said she met with the Spanish Olympic Committee and Spain’s “Super Sports Committee” to request permission to travel with her son from the IOC. “ They informed me. This is a condensed version of the information.


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