Not even close” – Liverpool fans aim for the VAR after Mason Greenwood’s goal at Manchester United.


The youngster fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team in the first half of the Champions League match against RB Leipzig after a shot through by Paul Pogba, who was in the lead.

Liverpool fans have questioned VAR’s consistency after Mason Greenwood’s goal for Manchester United was left standing last night.

Mason Greenwood shot Manchester United forward in RB Leipzig’s 5-0 deficit in the Champions League, but this prompted VAR to ask

But the additional official did not rule out the strike and left the gate standing, much to the annoyance of some Reds fans on Twitter.

Greenwood, however, always seemed to be a little over the last defender as he shot the ball past Peter Gulacsi.

“Zero chance, literally no chance in the world that Mane was more offside than Greenwood. Not even close!”

Many felt that there was no difference between Greenwood’s goal and Jordan Henderson’s last-minute goal in the Merseyside derby, which was ruled out by VAR due to an offside by Sadio Mane.

One fan wrote: “That Mane’s goal last week didn’t count and Greenwood’s goal today only shows how shameful VAR is.

“What’s wrong with VAR, what the hell?”

While another added: “How was Greenwood on the side last night and Sadio Mane delivered, how on earth????

a third person said, “The VARs verified that the player involved was not Sadio Mane and awarded the goal.

Marcus Rashford came off the bench in the second half and scored a clinical hat trick when United secured a comfortable 5-0 victory over the German team in Old Trafford.

Before a fourth added: “VAR ruled out Sadio Mane’s goal against Everton and only allowed Mason Greenwood’s”.


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