News from Liverpool about the return of the fans to Anfield as part of the intensified preparations.


Since the coronavirus pandemic in March forced a three-month suspension of the Premier League, fans were no longer allowed to watch the Reds in action.

Liverpool is pressing ahead with preparations for the return of the fans to Anfield.

Liverpool has issued a statement on the return of fans to Anfield during the season.

Liverpool had initially planned the visit of Sheffield United last Saturday for the return of some 12,500 fans to Anfield before the government took a break to reopen the elite sport to spectators.

While the games were subsequently played behind closed doors, the clubs worked to adapt the stadiums to accommodate a limited number of fans, while adhering to social distancing measures.

A statement by the clubs stated: “It was expected that the opening games of the 2020-21 season would take place behind closed doors until at least October at the earliest, with the likelihood that the stadiums would then operate at reduced capacity in line with the social distancing measures at first.

Manchester United announced earlier this week that they had adapted Old Trafford to the new rules, with a number of other clubs working on similar plans.

And Liverpool has confirmed that it is pressing ahead with its own preparations, which could include the use of technology to allow entry to the ground without physical tickets.

“However, as the situation evolves and remains subject to change, we are continuing to work hard to ensure that when the time comes for spectators to return, we are in the best possible position to welcome fans back to Anfield while ensuring a safe environment for all present.

“As of the end of September, this plan was postponed due to the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 at national level.

“As a result, we are currently working on a number of new processes and systems which will be introduced in the coming weeks and which will enable us to be adequately prepared to welcome fans to Anfield as safely and efficiently as possible when government guidelines allow.

“We will continue to keep fans informed of all developments for the 2020-21 season and thank you for your patience and understanding.

“We will provide further information and will inform fans of these forthcoming changes in due course.


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