NBA Rumors: With the Kings’ playoff run, a former top pick could prove mock re-drafts wrong.


NBA Rumors: With the Kings’ playoff run, a former top pick could prove mock re-drafts wrong.

De’Aaron Fox is the Sacramento Kings’ long-term plan, barring any unforeseen situations such as injuries or terrible luck.

For a reason, the 23-year-old guard was chosen fifth overall in the 2017 NBA Draft. Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, and Bam Adebayo were among the many names in that class who have lived up to their billing.

Others have followed in their footsteps, while others have been dissatisfied.

The 2017 class was recently re-drafted by The Bleacher Report, and Fox was noticeably placed beneath John Collins.

As a result, having NBA stars like Adebayo, Mitchell, and John Collins ranked outside of the Top 10 did not sit well with the Sacramento Kings, as evidenced by their Twitter reaction.

The re-draft was, of course, a result of these players’ subsequent performances. However, there is little doubt that Fox, a 6-foot-3 guard, is one of the NBA’s most promising young players.

Despite the fact that his debut year was not particularly successful, he has consistently improved his results.

He just had his greatest season, averaging 25.2 points, 7.2 assists, and 3.5 rebounds in 35.1 minutes in 58 games.

Collins is not Atlanta’s top dog. Trae Young owns that privilege. Regardless, the 23-year-old has done a fantastic job in the post.

If given the opportunity to play for another team, he has the potential to be a promising young player.

In terms of Ball, there’s no doubting that he and Fox have a little defensive advantage. Both teams have a lengthy history of rivalry, and the Kings believe that their prized guard outperforms the former UCLA product.

It appears to be a little squabble, but the Kings believe their player is deserving of attention, re-draft or not.

The greatest way to demonstrate this is in the upcoming season, with the recent re-draft potentially motivating Fox to perform even better.

Having a player of Fox’s quality on the Kings’ roster is one thing. However, unless he can get the Kings into the playoffs, there will be doubts.

The Sacramento Kings last advanced to the NBA playoffs in the 2005-2006 season.


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