Moise Kean’s Everton future, the details of the loan, the player power and what Ancelotti said.


Not: that’s what the contract says AND we want him back because we see that he has a great future in the club.

This is what the contract says.

This week’s Royal Blue column is about the future of Moise Kean, who is in top form during his time on loan to French champion Paris Saint-Germain.

How could they not?

Certainly he said that his four goals in as many games are good for Paris Saint Germain, the player and Everton, but Carlo Ancelotti’s answer to the questions about the future of Moise Kean has made you think.

Only, that’s what the contract says.

The questions asked to the Blues boss on Friday were twofold.

Maybe we read too much in what he said, but maybe not, because there has been an undeniable change of language about the young striker lately.

The idea of where the player plays his football has also changed.

One of the answers to the first question was that his form is good for all parties.

Firstly, Moise Kean has made a good start on loan from PSG – have you spoken to him? And secondly, when a player is loaned out on a loan basis, many people wonder if this is the last we will see of him at the club. Do you expect Kean to return next season?

The answer to the second question started with: That’s what the contract says.

OK, so far, so clear. On July 1, Kean is due to return to Everton. That’s what the club said behind closed doors at the time of his departure, and that’s what the contract says.

The terms of Kean’s loan contract with the French champion for the entire season expire on June 30 and do not include an option for PSG to buy him.

But the message from the football club throughout the summer, even from Ancelotti and the player at the end of last season, was that Kean was not going anywhere, he remained firmly embedded in the plans, and a tough first season in English football would not change that.

But even if the club did not think of changing that attitude in the course of things, it was obvious that Kean did.

They believed in him, patience was needed, but he would prove to be a worthwhile investment.

It is fair to say that there was some scepticism when his absence from the squad for the games against West Ham and Brighton was put on record not because of injury but because of illness.

One has to take Ancelotti at his word, but as he then moved to the PSG the day after the victory over Brighton, this only added to the conviction that he was simply not in a condition to be admitted.

It’s easy to forget that he has scored twice for Everton this season, and on each occasion he has not celebrated. It didn’t take a professional psychologist to see that he was not happy. Compare that to his goals for PSG recently, and he beamed, enjoyed the moment and cheered until he was happy.


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