Mike Tyson’s former coach makes a wild proposal in response to Evander Holyfield’s TKO loss.


Mike Tyson’s former coach makes a wild proposal in response to Evander Holyfield’s TKO loss.

One of Mike Tyson’s old coaches is spot on when it comes to Evander Holyfield’s underwhelming boxing comeback.

Despite the expectations of most boxing fans, Holyfield’s long-awaited comeback failed to measure up to the anticipation.

“The Real Deal” was stopped after only two minutes of boxing by former UFC star Vitor Belfort, who was eventually awarded the winner by TKO.

Teddy Atlas, a legendary boxing trainer and observer, said he “wishes” retired boxers were given “pension” so that people like Holyfield wouldn’t have to endure such humiliating defeats in front of tens of thousands of fans.

Atlas tweeted, “Other major sports have pensions, wish mine did so these great warriors wouldn’t have to do what Evander [Holyfield] accomplished tonight.”

“Put a 2% tax on every million-dollar promotions throughout the year and put it into a fund for retired fighters,” he continued. “Greedy promoters would be unconcerned.”

Those who were worried about Holyfield’s health believed the referee had done the right thing by stopping the fight.

The 58-year-old, on the other hand, claimed that Belfort did nothing to him inside the ring.

After the battle, Holyfield commented, “The man [Belfort] pushed me, the guy is strong.” “However, I was unharmed. There wasn’t a single shot that hit me square in the face. He hit me with a gun, knocking me off my feet. I’m not in any danger. It’s a little depressing.”

He screamed, “I think it was a horrible call.” “I believe the referee should have permitted [that], and you shouldn’t have halted the fight so quickly,” he says.

Holyfield has been open about his desire to fight Tyson, his longtime heavyweight adversary, in the lead-up to the Belfort fight.

Holyfield promptly said, “Of course I would,” when asked if he is still willing to face “Iron Mike” for the third time despite his bad performance.

Holyfield has been collaborating with Triller to bring the much-anticipated trilogy showdown versus Tyson to fruition.

According to Triller CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, a “offer” had already been made, but Tyson was “too terrified” to fight Holyfield.

“We made Mike [Tyson] an offer,” Kavanaugh stated. “We know he’s planning a brawl with Lennox Lewis. We’ve heard he’s afraid of fighting Evander [Holyfield]. There has been a lot of back-and-forth, and Mike has a big payout waiting for him if he fights on Thanksgiving. One of the biggest paydays he’s ever had! However, we can’t seem to get it moving.”

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