Mike Tyson reveals the one thing that makes him always want to fight.


Mike Tyson reveals the one thing that makes him always want to fight.

It’s hard to believe what gets Mike Tyson into fighting mode these days.

Tyson’s name has become nearly synonymous with an entity that destroys everything in sight due to the stigma of his viciousness inside the ring.

Few people would attempt to go under Tyson’s skin outside of boxing for obvious reasons.

While it is now a cliché that “Iron Mike” can beat someone up at any time, the man has shown when it is truly inappropriate to behave up in front of him.

The 54-year-old was asked to name the colors that make him feel “strong” in a recent exclusive interview with GQ.

Tyson reacted with “pink,” contrary to popular belief.

When Tyson is on pink, he says he is always “serious.” Ironically, anytime he wears the hue that is commonly seen as feminine, he feels like fighting with someone.

Tyson added, “Pink has a lot to do with it.” “I’m not going to have an expression like you want to talk to me if I’m wearing pink.’ Because when I wear pink, I take myself extremely seriously. Pink gives me a strong manly vibe.”

He said, “I almost want to fight in those outfits.” “I’m tempted to fight because of those clothes.”

Tyson was one of the rare boxers who liked to damage his opponents with “evil intentions” throughout his active years in the sport.

Not only did he want to knock them out cold, but he also wanted to insult them on the inside.

Tyson’s personal problems had a negative impact on his career, and he had reached rock bottom.

Fortunately, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” was able to rise from his ashes and is now participating in exhibition matches, which has given him a new lease of life.

Prior to reclaiming his ring, Tyson admitted that there were times when he wished he could be his former self again. He is, however, “afraid” of what “that person” may do at the same time.

In an episode of “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” last year, an emotional Tyson told Sugar Ray Leonard, “I know the art of combat, I know the art of war, that’s all I ever learned.”

“When I was in the ring, everybody dreaded me because I was an annihilator. It’s what I was made for. Now that those days have passed, it’s empty, and I’m nothing. I’m honing my humbleness skills. That’s why I’m crying, because I’m no longer that person, and. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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