Microchips in footballs, according to Patrick Mahomes, will eliminate “human error” on touchdowns.


Microchips in footballs, according to Patrick Mahomes, will eliminate “human error” on touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, recently proposed putting microchips inside footballs to reduce “human error” on touchdown plays.

Will Ahmed, the show’s host, asked Mahomes if he thought coaches arguing plays was good or bad for the game of football during a recent appearance on the WHOOP podcast. In response, Mahomes said that he thinks it is beneficial to football, which led to a discussion about possible technology that might assist NFL referees in making more accurate calls during games.

“I’ve always thought the chip in the ball has to happen at some stage, that if you cross the line, it just says touchdown,” Mahomes explained. “But it’s also sort of like the whole human error thing, or baseball, where balls and strikes are just part of the game.”

“The main thing to me is when they get into the pile, by the goal line, there’s basically no way you can say whether he’s in the end zone or not,” Mahomes, the Super Bowl LIV MVP, added. It’s just whatever they call it, as you said. I’m certain it will happen soon.”

Although Mahomes claims that embedding a microchip in a football would help eradicate “human error” on touchdown plays, there are a variety of other factors that can influence the result of a play that a microchip might not be able to account for.

A microchip inserted inside a football, for example, would not be able to tell whether a player’s knee hit the ground until the ball reached the goal line, which is a question that NFL referees are often asked during touchdown plays.

Former NFL referee and current Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira mentioned using a microchip in balls for scoring plays in a 2017 interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King, but added that one would also need to be put in the player’s knee.

Pereira advised, “You can put a chip in the ball, but you better put a chip in the guy’s knee as well.” “It’s one thing to have the ball, but it’s not done until the knee or shoulder touches the turf. “How accurate is that going to be?” says the narrator.

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